Company courses

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Japanese Courses


Japanese courses for companies
Description: Max no. of participants: Class length: Price:
Company courses follow the layout of private courses. The exact content of the classes can be determined at the discretion of the client company. 5

10 x 1h (over a maximum of 3 months)

10 x 2h (over a maximum of 3 months)

20 x 1h (over a maximum of 6 months)

20 x 2h (over a maximum of 6 months)

40 x 1h (over a maximum of 1 year)

40 x 2h (over a maximum of 1 year)

EUR 700

EUR 1,250

EUR 1,350

EUR 2,400

EUR 2,600

EUR 4,800



Other Languages Courses


In 2013, AdvaJP added instruction in European languages to the program of courses in Japanese we already offer to companies. These courses in European languages are principally intended for Japanese people who wish to learn them, but of course they are open to other learners as well!All of our European language courses are taught by freelance professionals who are hand-picked, and briefed on the assignment and on the pedagogical approach that makes AdvaJP so successful.

AdvaJP currently offers courses in the following languages. However we are also able to recruit trainers (who meet the same quality criteria) in any other language you wish.

  • French
  • English
  • Dutch/Flemish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

The base price for these courses is 60h per hour, plus transportation costs. This contract rate can be negotiated depending on the client’s preferences (number of course hours, frequency, contents, etc.).

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