Our Philosophy

Active learning (where all participants actively get involved) is the best way to learn a new language. Japanese is no exception to the rule.

That’s why AdvaJP structures its classes around small groups of a maximum of five, thus allowing each person to get involved at their own convenience in the varied discussions that keep our classes so interesting.

Whether a beginner or part of an advanced group, the watchword of our instructor is to infuse all students with her own passion for her country by instilling an understanding and appreciation of her native tongue. Through discussions on a variety of topics, from the sociology of Japan and its 1,700 years of history to its traditional cuisine and its manga industry so treasured by our teenagers, Japanese becomes a pleasure to learn – not a chore.

And to perfect an atmosphere that is more akin to cultural exchange than any formal language class, what could be better than to tuck into a few exotic dishes (sembe) accompanied by a cup of green tea to complete the learning experience!

Thus our instructor, Takako Omata, a teacher in her own state and with a track record of 12 years of experience teaching in Belgium, brings all her expertise to bear in making sure our students feel 100% comfortable, and that finishing a class feels more like leaving a meeting with friends than a classroom.


To summarize, this is what you’ll experience with AdvaJP:

· the friendly atmosphere of small discussion groups
· the scheduling flexibility of private tuition
· the opportunity to contribute to the class agenda
· monitoring and support outside of course hours
· topical classes (preparations for a trip, etc.)
· the pleasure of learning without having to learn!

Takako tableau